In my practice I offer psychological support as well as professional counselling for clinical symptoms such as depression, chronic fear and panic attacks, eating disorders and compulsive behaviour.

Sometimes, talking to a psychologically trained person and receiving specific information and support will offer enough reassurance and guidance for you to find ways out of a difficult situation. If you suffer from clinical symptoms as described above, you may need more intensive support in the form of a continuous and well structured psychotherapy. If you are uncertain and feel that you need further information in order to come to a decision, contact me for an initial consultation to clarify your situation together.

As a counsellor trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and systems therapy, I will focus mainly on your current situation and symptoms, and help you to regain a feeling of control of your life. This will be done through a method called "cognitive restructuring" as well as through strengthening your own resources. At all stages of the treatment you will be in control of the cause of action and you will learn to take responsibility for any aspects of your life that may currently seem difficult, unacceptable or frightening.

In order to give you a better idea of how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works, please take a look at the video link from the Guardian Newspaper, illustrating the approach.